Helltown Hellcats

Helltown Hellcats was founded by a couple of really enthusiastic and fiery cats back in 2011. We didn't have anywhere to practice at the time and so we learned how to skate in an empty parking lot. 

Helltown Hellcats is a club where everyone is welcome. We want to boost the confidence of all our members. We strive to offer a place in our club no matter what level you are on. Today we have both a competing/traveling team and a junior team.

We practice three times a week in Ödåkra. Our team is a member of Riksidrottsförbundet through Swesport (former Svenska Skridskoförbundet). 

Helltown Hellcats play several bouts and tournaments a year. We strive to improve and evolve as individual players but mostly as a team. We have participated in the National league (seriespel) since 2019 and are playing in Division 1 since the season of 2023/2024.

Photo: Micke Falk