Be a part of Helltown Hellcats!

There's several ways to be a Hellcat. Both on and off skates! We welcome everyone who is interested in roller derby.


All of our players have different levels of skating skills. Some of us have skated for 6 years, some for 6 months. We recruit new members regularly, and no prior experience or skills is required. You only need to be at least 16 years old to practice with us. If you are between 12-15 years old you are welcome to join our junior team

Find out when we are recruiting.


Don't want to be a player but still be involved in bouts? Become a referee or an official! We have SOs (skating officials, also referred to as referees) and NSOs (non-skating officials) to make a roller derby bout run smoothly. To become a referee you need to be very familiar with the rules and comfortable on skates. Skating is our speciality so we'll teach you at practices! We'll also teach you the rules of the game. 

If you don't want to skate at all, you can become a NSO. Being a NSO is exciting and you can manage the scoreboard, keep track of the penalties and make sure all the points and stats are recorded properly.  


We love playing games but we love it even more if we have you cheering us on! Especially if you're wearing our amazing merch.


We need all the support we can get to be able to play games, travel and to keep growing as a club. 

We'd love to have you as our sponsor! Helltown Hellcats are currently looking for sponsors. If you have any suggestions or questions about sponsoring us, contact us at

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