We wouldn’t be able to travel and play games without all our members dedicating their time and effort to get funds for our club, and without the help from our sponsors. So thank you!

Lead sponsor (huvudsponsor)

Our lead sponsor is Vesterlins. Learn more about them at vesterlins.se.

Vesterlins är ett konsultföretag som hjälper företag, privatpersoner och myndigheter med fastighetsrättsliga frågor. Vesterlins håller också kurser inom det fastighetsrättsliga området.


Support your local roller derby club!

Do you want to support us financially? We are a small club and appreciate every donation cause doing derby ain't cheap!

What do we need money for?

  • Rent for training facilities
  • Purchase and maintenance of equipment
  • Travel to bouts and tournaments
  • Licenses, insurance, and other expenses

So how can you help?

  • Buy our merch, come to our home games, and attend other events we organize!
  • Donate money. You can either Swish to 123-431 89 03 or deposit money into our Plusgiro account 636865-8.
  • Become a sponsor. Even small sponsors are welcome!
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about our club and our fundraising efforts.

Contact ekonomi@helltownhellcats.com if you're interested in sponsoring us!